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Nov 3, 2023

The Advantages of Centralized Document Management

You may not have considered a centralized document management provider because you couldn’t imagine it providing a significant enough pay off for making the change. However, if you’re managing your records in-house, it could be costing you much more.

Centralized Document Management Company

A centralized document management company will:

  • Provide experience and knowledge of document management.
  • Offer input and insights from serving a wide range of companies using centralized document management systems.
  • Continuously stay up to date with current document management trends and legal requirements.

Advantages of Centralized Document Management

Increased Storage Space

Transferring your records offsite to a centralized records management company frees up valuable workspace for your primary revenue-generating services. Space, whether owned or rented, is expensive. It’s much more cost effective to increase the usable space within your existing walls than to build additional space or relocate to another facility. The cost of moving your documents to a reputable records management company will be a fraction of long-term cost, in addition to other included benefits.

1. Enhanced Security & Safety

A records management company provides a secure records center, safeguarding your documents from theft, misplacement, fires, water damage, weather, rodents, and other disasters 24/7/365. This ensures peace of mind and compliance with privacy laws for both you and your clients.

2. Improved Document Retrievability

Centralized document management offers quick access to your files through an organized barcoded system. Even when your files are offsite, they can be promptly retrieved, saving you the time and effort of searching through file cabinets or boxes for specific documents.

3. Complete Lifecycle Management

State and federal laws require your business to track and protect all private information you generate. Managing the lifecycle of your records is a full-time job best entrusted to a reputable records management company. With a barcode system, you can easily track the status of all your documents and stay informed about retention dates. The records management company can also notify you when it’s time to destroy documents.

Allegheny Records provides secure document storage and retrieval. We alert you and can shred your files when they reach their retention date. To implement centralized document management services, contact us at 412-381-1010 or complete the form on this page. We ensure the safety, security and accessibility of your documents.

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