Why Shred?

To Save Money:

  • No company time or labor costs are wasted on in-house shredding
  • Less office space is needed
  • No repair or maintenance costs on shredders
  • Lower utility expenses
  • Secure/Locked containers are provided at no charge

To Maintain Security:

  • We ensure compliance with federal regulationsNotarized “Certificate of Destruction” issued
  • Protect your business, help prevent corporate espionage
  • Protect your employees’ personal information
  • Protect your customers’ personal information

To Be Environmentally Compliant:

  • We recycle to assure your company’s compliance with Pennsylvania’s mandatory recycling law, Act 101

Our Clients

Allegheny Records Destruction services a wide variety of industries in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, including the following:

Banking/Financial Industry:
We understand the liability that financial institutions sustain regarding clients’ confidential information. We work with clients to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Educational Institutions:
There is an ethical and legal obligation within schools to keep students’ identities safe. We have solutions geared toward the specific needs of an academic environment.

Companies that handle medical records and patient information understand the importance of upholding confidentiality. Whether your business is a hospital, pharmacy or doctor’s office, we have the knowledge and tools to ensure that government regulations are met.

Insurance Providers:
In the insurance industry, personal client information is constantly being collected and updated. By implementing a shredding program, you can keep clients’ identities safe and your company legally compliant.

Automobile Dealerships:
Dealerships receive confidential information from buyers daily. To uphold privacy laws, these records should be shredded. Contact Allegheny Records Destruction for a personalized quote for your business.

Accounting Firms:
Clients share their confidential information, counting on your secure business practices. Shredding is a reliable way to uphold their trust while making sure your firm remains legally compliant.

HIPAA and other Compliances:
The Federal Trade Commission has put into effect “Red Flag Rules”, which hold businesses accountable when measures to protect customers from identity theft are not implemented. Shredding confidential information ensures compliance with the Red Flag Rules, as well as with the FTC’s FACTA and HIPAA laws.

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