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May 10, 2024

Is Paper Shredding Really Good for the Environment?

A recycle symbol is made inside a heap of shredded white paper on a green surface.In his dedication to recycling, my friend strives to ensure that every scrap of paper finds its way into the recycling bin rather than the trash. While commendable from a recycling perspective, this habit leaves him vulnerable to potential identity theft. He expressed frustration, explaining that the local waste management company does not collect shredded paper, leaving him torn between recycling and safeguarding his personal information. I reassured him that he need not compromise; by employing a compliant shredding service, he could securely destroy his documents while still prioritizing environmental concerns. Such a service not only ensures the protection of sensitive information but also facilitates eco-conscious practices in several ways.

Mitigates Landfill Waste and Emissions

When paper undergoes shredding and recycling through a professional shredding company, it significantly reduces the volume of paper destined for landfills. Landfills not only mar the landscape and emit unpleasant odors but also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, including methane and carbon dioxide. Approximately 20% of global man-made emissions originate from landfill sites.

Conserves Trees

Shredding paper for recycling serves as a sustainable alternative to harvesting trees for paper production. For every ton of recycled paper, 17 trees are spared from logging. Trees play crucial roles in environmental preservation and human well-being by enhancing landscapes, sequestering carbon dioxide, conserving water, moderating temperatures, and fostering biodiversity.

Declutters Spaces

Beyond environmental benefits, reducing paper clutter promotes mental well-being, enhances safety, and fosters a healthier environment. Businesses annually consume vast quantities of paper, much of which ends up discarded. Engaging a shredding service allows for the efficient disposal of unnecessary paperwork, freeing up space and redirecting materials to recycling facilities, thus creating employment opportunities.

Conserves Energy

Recycling old paper into new paper consumes 65% less energy than producing paper from raw materials. Each ton of recycled paper saves significant resources, including trees, oil, landfill space, energy, and water. This conservation of energy helps mitigate harmful emissions, contributing to overall environmental health.

Allegheny Records Destruction offers both on-site shredding and off-site shredding services for discarded paper, ensuring both data security and environmental sustainability. Our meticulous data destruction processes guarantee the protection of sensitive information, while our commitment to paper recycling safeguards the environment. To initiate the shredding of your discarded paper, contact us at 412-381-1010 or complete the form on this page.


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